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Intrepid Series Outdoor
Air-Cooled Panel-Mounted Air Conditioners
Intrepid Series EP56 Air Conditioner
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These specifically-designed Intrepid Outdoor Air Conditioners are UL/CUL Recognized and approved for outdoor use to protect the enclosure against nearly all outdoor climate hazards.

Sensitive internal components are shielded from invasion by the outdoor elements, while the internal enclosure environment is effectively controlled. Cooling, dehumidification and heating (optional) are provided over a wide range of conditions.

The weather protection afforded by these air conditioners is integral to the cabinetry, without protruding weather hoods. These units feature a sturdy painted galvanized exterior, gasketed flanges and tamper-resistant external fasteners to prevent vandalism or unauthorized access.

Powerful Kooltronic-designed blowers in the interior compartment assure maximum airflow and efficient heat transfer, even in densely-packed enclosures, for the most demanding electronic, industrial or telecommunications applications.

These EP56 Air Conditioners have been specially designed for applications where sound level must be minimized. The air conditioners utilize a condenser fan speed controller, which delivers significant noise reduction.

For more extreme climatic conditions or applications requiring total sealing of the enclosure from the environment, Kooltronic offers the GuardianX Series that maintains NEMA 4 or 4X Enclosure ratings.

KOOLTRONIC also designs and manufactures a variety of air conditioners to meet unique specifications. We invite your inquiries about our modification and custom-design capabilities.

Many popular units are available as 3D solid models for customer system integration. Contact Kooltronic for details.

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Standard Features

intrepid series EP56
30,000 BTU/H
56"H x 24 "W x 24"D
intrepid series EP56
30,000 BTU/H
73"H x 27 "W x 24"D
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