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Operator's Manuals

Air Conditioners
Advantage Series Air Conditioners
Advantage RP17 Operator's Manual497Kb
Advantage RP28 Operator's Manual295Kb
Advantage RP33 Operator's Manual305Kb
Advantage RP36 Operator's Manual469Kb
Advantage RP47 Operator's Manual288Kb
Advantage RP52 Operator's Manual536Kb
Advantage RP55 Operator's Manual831Kb
Advantage Top-Mounted Air Conditioners
Advantage RT Top-Mounted Operator's Manual833Kb
Air Conditioners
KLLC100 Lead-Lag Controller38Kb
KLLC480 Lead-Lag Controller79Kb
Guardian/GuardianX 480 Volt Air Conditioners
Guardian/GuardianX Series 480V DP24 Operator's Manual423Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series 480V DP38 Operator's Manual544Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series 480V DP50 Operator's Manual540Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series 480V DP52 Operator's Manual509Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series 480V DP53 Operator's Manual470Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series 480V DP60 Operator's Manual574Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series Air Conditioners
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP15 Operator's Manual824Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP21 Operator's Manual580Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP24-230V Operator's Manual662Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP33 Operator's Manual761Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP43 Operator's Manual745Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP47 Operator's Manual788Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP50 Operator's Manual402Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP53 Operator's Manual406Kb
Guardian/GuardianX Series DP60 Operator's Manual481Kb
Hazardous Location Series Air Conditioners
Hazardous Location Series K_A6C6HL40LV Operator's Manual983Kb
Hazardous Location Series K_A6C9HL48LV Operator's Manual1137Kb
Hazardous Location Series K3A6C12HL56LV Operator's Manual820Kb
Hazardous Location Series K3A6C18HL58LV Operator's Manual867Kb
Hazardous Location Series K3A6C24HL60LV Operator's Manual864Kb
Integrity NEMA 4/4X Air Conditioners
Integrity P38, P47 & P59 NEMA 4/4X Operator's Manual 219Kb
Integrity P21 NEMA 4/4X Operator's Manual613Kb
Integrity P32 NEMA 4/4X Operator's Manual189Kb
Intrepid Series Air Conditioners
Intrepid KNAC_P52 8,000-12,000 BTU/H Air Conditioners 146Kb
Intrepid P52 24,000-30,000 BTU/H Air Conditioners 209Kb
Intrepid EP56 Operator's Manual290Kb
Intrepid Series Air-Cooled Air Conditioners
K2A6C30EP56TR-4 Operator's Manual798Kb
KAC4P3777R Air Conditioners
KAC4P3777R Operator's Manual (900-039-65)1852Kb
Profile Series Air Conditioners
Profile Series 480V DP38 Operator's Manual848Kb
Profile Series 480V DP52 Operator's Manual857Kb
Profile Series DP17 Operator's Manual853Kb
Profile Series DP21 Operator's Manual815Kb
Profile Series DP33 Operator's Manual210Kb
Profile Series DP43 Operator's Manual200Kb
Profile Series DP47 Operator's Manual201Kb
Profile Series DP53 Operator's Manual749Kb
Profile Series DP60 Operator's Manual820Kb
Rack-Mounted Air Conditioners
Rack-Mounted H7, H9 & H10 Operator's Manual (OLD - Pre-Dixell) 417Kb
Rack-Mounted H9 & H10 Operator's Manual (NEW - w/Dixell) 724Kb
KA4C3.1H9BFHNY Operator's Manual1626Kb
Rack-Mounted RML Operator's Manual831Kb
Top-Mounted H5 & H6 Compact Plus Series174Kb
SlimKool Series Air Conditioners
K_NA4C_SP36L-LV Operator's Manual1176Kb
K_NA4C11SP43L-LV Operator's Manual760Kb
K_NA4C4SP28L-LV Operator's Manual871Kb
K3NA4C11SP43L-LV Operator's Manual830Kb
K3NA4C4SP28L-LV Operator's Manual830Kb
SlimKool SP36 480 Volt Operator's Manual737Kb
Top-Mounted Air Conditioners
HT Top-Mounted Operator's Manual (1,000-4,000 BTU/H) (OLD) 168Kb
HT Top-Mounted Operator's Manual W/ Programmable T-stat 708Kb
Large Top-Mounted Operator's Manual (14,000-16,000 BTU/H) 177Kb
Horizontal Super-Mini Operator's Manual (OLD)242Kb
Horizontal Super-Mini Operator's Manual W/ Programmable T-stat645Kb
HTL12 General Operator's Manual338Kb
Traditional Series Air Conditioners
Traditional P24, P28 & P36 Operator's Manual 192Kb
Traditional P47, P52, P59 Operator's Manual 166Kb
K2A3C8P36LFHN-1 Operator's Manual1736Kb
KA_CP28/56 Operator's Manual1718Kb
Traditional Water-Cooled Air Conditioners
Water-Cooled Panel-Mount Air Conditioners188Kb
TrimLine Air Conditioners
TrimLine NP36, 2000-4000 BTU/H Operator's Manual 180Kb
TrimLine NP36, 5000-6000 BTU/H Operator's Manual 190Kb
TrimLine NP47 Operator's Manual, 13000 BTU/H 241Kb
TrimLine NP47 Operator's Manual, 7000 & 10000 BTU/H 192Kb
TrimLine NP48R Operator's Manual 274Kb
Trimline Air Conditioners
K_A6C4NPT33L Operator's Manual 432Kb
K2A6C16NPT52L Operator's Manual 432Kb
TrimLine Air Conditioners
KA4C2.5NML Operator's Manual (w/ PROGRAMMABLE T-STAT) (NEW) (for units with s/n's E18A1604 and above)769Kb
Micro-Mini KA4C1.0MML Operator's Manual for units w/ s/n's D17A1203 and above630Kb
Narrow-Mini & Micro-Mini Operator's Manual for Micro-Mini units w/ s/n's up to A17A0030211Kb
TrimLine NP17 Operator's Manual (OLD) For units w/ s/n's up to M16A4171187Kb
TrimLine NP17 Operator's Manual For units w/ s/n's B17A0456 and above W/ Programmable T-stat648Kb
Trimline NP28 Operator's Manual (OLD)172Kb
Trimline NP28 Operator's Manual W/ Programmable T-stat724Kb
Trimline NP33 Operator's Manual (OLD)177Kb
Trimline NP33 Operator's Manual W/ Programmable T-stat720Kb
Trimline NP59 & TP59 Operator's Manual165Kb
TrimLine NPT47 Operator's Manual417Kb
Trimline Series Air Conditioners
NP52 & TP52 Operator's Manual1705Kb
TrimLine Water-Cooled Air Conditioners
Trimline WNP28 Operator's Manual168Kb
TrimLine WNP33 & WNP36 Operator's Manual169Kb
Trimline WNP47 Operator's Manual160Kb
Water-Cooled Rack-Mounted Air Conditioners
Water-Cooled Rack-Mount Operator's Manual162Kb
Water-Cooled Rack-Mount Operator's Manual190Kb

Pagoda Blowers
Pagoda Blower Operator's Manual 172Kb

Fan Trays
KOOLTRAY2 Operator's Manual279Kb

Filter Fans
Advantage NEMA 3R Filter Fans
KNP100F Advantage Sentry Series Filter Fan Operator's Manual356Kb
KNP40F Advantage Sentry Series Filter Fan Operator's Manual356Kb
KNP60F Advantage Sentry Series Filter Fan Opertor's Manual356Kb
Guardian/GuardianX NEMA 4 or 4X Filter Fans
KNP40FL Guardian/GuardianX Series Filter Fan Operator's Manual175Kb
KNP60FL Guardian/GuardianX Series Filter Fan Operator's Manual170Kb

Heat Exchangers
Advantage Series Heat Exchangers
Advantage KXRP28 Operator's Manual123Kb
Advantage KXRP33 Operator's Manual105Kb
Advantage KXRP47 Operator's Manual147Kb
Integrity NEMA 4/4X Heat Exchangers
KNHX38, KNHX47 & KNHX59 Operator's Manual 93Kb
KNHX32 Operator's Manual92Kb
KNHE NEMA 4/4X Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers
KNHE20 Operator's Manual254Kb
KNHE24 Operator's Manual255Kb
KNHE28 Operator's Manual147Kb
KNHE30 Operator's Manual100Kb
KNHE32 Operator's Manual326Kb
KNHE48 Operator's Manual295Kb
KNHE60 Operator's Manual333Kb
KPHE Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers
KPHE36, 39 & 40A Operator's Manual 108Kb
KPHE20 Operator's Manual103Kb
KPHE24 Operator's Manual134Kb
KPHE28 Operator's Manual92Kb
KPHE30 Operator's Manual140Kb
KPHE32 Operator's Manual157Kb
KTHE Series Heat Exchangers
KTHE200 Operator's Manual83Kb
KTHE300 & KTHE500 Operator's Manual80Kb
KXHE Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
KXHE120A, KXHE120B & KXHE122A Operator's Manual 88Kb
KXHE125A, 125B, 240A, 245A, 360A & 365A Operator's Manual 89Kb
KXHE60A, K2XHE60A Operator's Manual 84Kb
TrimLine KXNP Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
KXNP Series Operator's Manual82Kb

Automatic Speed Controller
KSC100 Automatic Speed Controller Operator's Manual53Kb
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