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Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) is the leading third party product safety organization in the United States, the largest in North America and the leading quality system registrar headquartered in the United States.  Providing product safety verification services for more than a century, the UL Mark is one of the world’s most familiar safety certification symbols.

The UL Marks, Listed  culus and Recognized  curus assure compliance to a verifiable set of accepted standards for safety, adding value to a defined product quality.  UL’s findings are recognized by insurance rating bureaus and many Federal, State and local authorities.

This is accomplished through product safety and performance testing using verifiable test data, quality system registration, harmonization and standardization of codes and standards. UL continues to be a leader in domestic and international code and standards development.  On-going, frequent in-plant manufacturing inspections by UL Follow Up Services keep product safety first.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) provides similar services in Canada. Recently UL and CSA have been working cooperatively and have adopted joint procedures, standards and marks.  The Marks for Listed and Recognized products conforming to UL and CSA standards are  culus and  curus .

All standard Kooltronic Air-Cooled Air Conditioners and all Heat Exchangers, except the KTHE Series, comply with UL and CSA approval standards and are found in their respective Product Directories for Listed and Recognized products.  This is your assurance that these products bear the UL and CUL Marks and are covered by UL’s Listing and Recognition Follow Up Service.

The UL/CUL Listing Marks indicate that products or components are designed to fully comply with all of the construction and performance requirements in the category for which they were evaluated, making them suitable for field or factory installation.

The UL/CUL Recognized Mark indicates that products or components comply with all of the construction and performance requirements in the category for which they were evaluated; however they may have some limitations of use.  Generally such items are intended for use as a component in an installation or used as part of a system.

Kooltronic UL/CUL Recognized products are all built and evaluated by UL to the same degree and standards as our UL/CUL Listed products.  Units rated at 16.0 Amps or less are UL/CUL Listed and units over 16.0 Amps are UL/CUL RecognizedListed Air Conditioners have an “L” at or near the end of the model number and Recognized units have an “R” at or near the end of the model number. All Recognized models are available as Listed at added cost.  All standard Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers are UL/CUL Listed but do not have a model number suffix “L”.

Kooltronic Air Conditioners are UL/CUL Marked and evaluated in strict compliance with  the Standard: Special Purpose Air Conditioner per UL 484.  Kooltronic Heat Exchangers are UL/CUL Marked and evaluated in strict compliance with the Standard: UL 1995, Heating and Cooling Equipment.  Under the Standard: UL50, Cabinets and Boxes, the interfaces of the Air Conditioners and Heat Exchangers to the electrical/electronic enclosures are classified as NEMA Type 12, 3R or 4/4X, as shown in the respective Product sections. The remainder of the Air Conditioner and Heat Exchanger cabinets are classified as NEMA 1 for Type 12 Interface units, as Outdoor Use for Type 3R Interface units and as NEMA 3R for Type 4/4X Interface units.

All Water-Cooled Air Conditionersare designed and manufactured to the same Kooltronic Quality Standards as the Air-Cooled models, but have not been submitted for approval by UL/CSA.

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