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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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In today’s world the phrase "homeland security" is a part of our daily lives. In the effort to keep travel safe and secure, large investments are being made in security technology. Part of this investment is in x-ray security equipment, which plays a major role at airports, seaports, government buildings and other secure locations throughout the world.

The thousands of pieces of x-ray security equipment in use worldwide screen luggage and cargo for explosives, firearms, contraband and drugs. This sophisticated security equipment has complex control systems requiring reliable cooling, and many manufacturers are using air conditioners to cool these vital and sensitive components.


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TrimLine units

Kooltronic offers an extensive line of enclosure air conditioners with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 BTU/H, including the TrimLine Series

The TrimLine Series consists of two series of compact models, the NP Series and the NPT Series. The NP Series models offer capacities from 2,000 to 7,000 BTU/H and use CFC-Free R134a refrigerant. The NP17 offers a Programmable Thermostat as a standard feature. The NPT Series offers units with capacities of 10,000 to 16,000 BTU/H and use Zero Ozone Depleting R410a refrigerant. The TrimLine Series are NEMA Type 12 and 3R Maintained (UL50)

Outdoor or corrosive environments require weather protection and/or special internal and external protective features. Also see Guardian/GuardianX, Advantage Indoor/Outdoor, and Intrepid Outdoor Series.

For extreme ambient temperatures and/or severely contaminated environments, the use of Water-Cooled Air Conditioners or Water-Cooled Heat Exchangers is recommended.

With over 60 years experience, Kooltronic is the industry leader in electronics enclosure cooling. Call your Kooltronic Regional Sales Manager today to discuss this application in depth.

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