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Thin Fans Accessories and Options

FILTERS: All Kooltronic filters consist of a multi-layer grid of sturdy corrugated aluminum, securely held in a one piece aluminum frame. Filters are required whenever air is drawn into an electronics enclosure. A non-drying adhesive coating traps a high percentage of particulate matter. These filters are reuseable, they may be washed and recoated with the appropriate filter recoating adhesive. Replacements are available for those which become damaged or otherwise non-serviceable. See chart below for dimensions.

replacement filter

FILTER HOLDERS: Separate models are available for easy internal or external filter mounting . filter holder
FILTER RECOATING ADHESIVE: This compound is a superior product for recoating filters after washing. The adhesives penetrate dirt layers to keep the filter surface tacky for longer effective performance between washings. Part No. A-16 - 10 ounce container.  
GRILLE: Designed to provide flush-mounted, protective guarding. These painted, expanded metal grids fit neatly over the blade side of the S Series fans without adding depth. Used with mounting sleeves, they can provide an alternative to wire guards. grille
GUARD: Made of heavy-gauge corrosion-protected wire, these guards comply with OSHA and UL safety standards. Individual guards fully protect both blade and motor sides of all B Series fans, except models KB802B. In order to adequately protect the motor side of these and all S Series fans, a mounting sleeve is needed with the guard to accommodate the fan's greater depth. guard
MOUNTING SLEEVE: Extends the fan's mounting flange, as needed for some installations, such as mounting the B Series fan on the outside of the cabinet. May also be used with guard attachment (see Guard), or with a grille to provide guarding. Made of sturdy formed and welded steel and painted to match the fan. mounting sleeve


Typical Accessory Combinations and Mounting Orientations (click and drag to pan)
Arrows show direction of airflow. Boxes represent electronics/electrical enclosures, side view.
Upper fans exhaust cabinet. Lower fans pressurize cabinet. (Note that intake air is filtered.)
**B and S Series Fans when mounted in intake orientation may require an additional Mounting Sleeve. Check dimensions or contact Kooltronic.
Mounting Sleeve Selection Chart
Model Number and Dimensions for Thin Fan Accessories

Size (0.50"[12.7mm] thick)


8.38 x 8.38
[212.9mm x 212.9mm]

10.38 x 10.38
[263.7mm x 263.7mm]

11.38 x 11.38
[289.1mm x 289.1mm]

12.38 x 12.38
[314.5mm x 314.5mm]

External Filter Holder
Click model for dimensions






Internal Filter Holder
Click model for dimensions
















Diameter X Depth


7.56 x 2.63
[192.0mm x 66.8mm]


9.63 x 2.31
[244.6mm x 58.7mm]


10.69 x 2.63
[271.5mm x 66.8mm]


11.63 x 2.63
[295.4mm x 66.8mm]


Mounting Sleeve
Click model for dimensions






All B Series fans using the filter holder, filter and grille combination must use mounting sleeve.
Dimensions, inches [mm], are for reference only and subject to change.

AUTOMATIC SPEED CONTROL: The Kooltronic Fan and Blower Automatic Speed Control (Part Number KSC100) is a solid state "smart" controller packaged in a NEMA 1 type enclosure for remote mounting. The allowable input power supply range is 95 to 250 Volts, 47 to 63 Hz. It is furnished standard with an IEC 320 connector, a power supply fuse and a temperature sensor. Additional temperature sensors are optional.

The controller will operate single or multiple fans or blowers of compatible voltage and frequency up to a combined load of 6 Amps. The controller may be operated by either a control voltage signal of 0 to 10 VDC, a control current signal of 0 to 20 mA or one to three temperature sensors. With multiple temperature sensors the controller will respond to the highest sensed temperature.

The control circuit board is furnished with a terminal strip for field connecting the sensor and fan wires. A pressure type strain relief connector is furnished in the enclosure. If required by the installation or by code, this connector can be replaced with a 1/2-inch [12.7mm] trade size conduit connector.

A wide variety of control logic options can be field programmed into the controller by means of a board mounted DIP switch. These include fan idle or starting speed at 30%, 40%, 50% or 60% of supply voltage, fan on or off below the idle setting, control temperature setting of 86ºF (30ºC), 95ºF (35ºC), 104ºF (40ºC), 113ºF (45ºC), and temperature differential settings of 7ºF (4ºC) and 18ºF (10ºC). The selectable fan on/off feature is operative when the temperature(s) drop below the control temperature setting.

Consult factory for use with compatible Kooltronic fans or blowers.

DP33 Photo



KXNP36 Data Sheet
View Data Sheet

DRAWINGS AND DIMENSIONS (click and drag to pan)
Dimensions, inches [mm], are for reference only and subject to change.
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