Why Kooltronic Should Be Your Enclosure Cooling Provider

Kooltronic is a leading manufacturer of thermal management products, including: enclosure air conditioners, heat exchangers, fans and blowers. Our cooling and ventilation products are specifically designed to remove excess heat from electrical enclosures and protect the heat-sensitive components contained within. As an industry leader for cooling cabinets and electrical panels (such as UL508A), we have the thermal management products you need for a successful installation!

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Kooltronic enclosure cooling solutions in an industrial setting

heat buildup within an electrical enclosure can result in shortened product life, decreased efficiency or failure? Fortunately, Kooltronic has the enclosure cooling solutions you need. Backed with experience and built for reliability, we have been the industry leader in innovation for over 65 years! From simple air moving fans and fan trays to control panel mounted air conditioners, Kooltronic's full line of enclosure cooling solutions has the rugged and dependable products to fit your needs, even in the most challenging industrial environments. We also have a complete line of enclosure accessories to best fit your requirements.

Reliability and avoiding downtime are some of the most important goals for any electrical enclosure application. To achieve this, Kooltronic's enclosure cooling solutions protect equipment from the adverse temperatures and harsh ambient conditions that many enclosures are subject to each day. In order for this to be accomplished, there are specific best practices that our valued customers should expect from us to ensure they are receiving the highest quality product in the industry.

To start, our manufacturing facility meets ISO 9001:2015 standard, a standard for quality management systems that requires an organization to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. (This is an ongoing process of improvement, audited to assure conformity.) Additionally, Kooltronic upholds the following best practices to maintain the highest standards of product quality, integrity and dependability for our enclosure cooling solutions products:

Kooltronic utilizes an integrated 3D design system to ensure the dimensional compatibility of component parts and to make sure that the largest rated cooling capacity unit occupies the smallest feasible footprint.

Our onsite environmental lab performs testing to ensure that our enclosure cooling solution designs achieve their rated capacity under a variety of conditions.

Kooltronic's laboratory is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified to test for safety assurance resulting in customers' peace of mind that the air conditioner or other cooling unit being utilized complies with all current electrical safety standards and regulations.

Kooltronic is compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances RoHS 3 Directive 2015/863/EU regulations to guarantee specific harmful substances will not be utilized in the products manufactured.

Our manufacturing process uses paperless procedures to ensure final product uniformity and the latest revision control of documents.

Kooltronic uses automated fabrication and robotic bending machinery that allows for accuracy and repeatability, yielding finished products of consistent quality.

Kooltronic utilizes continuous formed tubing equipment that reduces nuisance refrigerant leaks caused by excessive solder connections. Kooltronic also uses a triple leak protection procedure and inspection process to ensure elimination of any leaks. (The elimination of refrigerant leaks helps preserve the compressor's efficiency, contributes to a longer compressor life, helps maintain thermal performance, and reduces maintenance and repair costs.)

Kooltronic uses a bar-coded evacuation and charge system. During this procedure, a deep vacuum process is utilized to remove any moisture from the refrigeration system. (A contaminant free system will also extend compressor life.)

Kooltronic utilizes automated wire crimping machinery that provides power crimping and auto-inspecting of electrical terminations. This helps prevent premature compressor failure on voltage drops that can occur when loose connections exist.

We perform final operational testing of the entire air conditioner, completed prior to coming off the production line and repeated prior to shipment.

Our easy to use sizing and selection tool is a great online resource to help you find the right solution. However, if you prefer, our Regional Sales Managers are available to walk you through the sizing process to find the best enclosure cooling solution for your project.

For an all-encompassing look at the Kooltronic factory, including quality processes and equipment, please view our virtual plant tour!