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Air Conditioner Application Questionnaire
For assistance with model selection or product design please complete the form shown below and press the SUBMIT button. The information will be forwarded to our Engineering Department for analysis.
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Company Name:*
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What is the internal heat load to be dissipated?    
What is the cabinet height (inches)?
What is the cabinet width (inches)?
What is the cabinet depth (inches)?
What is the average ambient(surrounding) temperature °F?
What is the maximum ambient(surrounding) temperature °F?
What is the desired average enclosure temperature (°F)?
What is the desired maximum enclosure temperature (°F)?
Will this enclosure be located outdoors?
If insulated, what is the cabinet's insulation R value?
What voltages and frequencies are required?      
Mounting Surfaces available:                  
Preferred mounting surface:                  
Space available for mounting:
Top: Width       Depth
Sides: Height      Width
Front/Back: Height      Width
Inside: Height      Width      Depth
Will the ambient ever go below 55°F?
Special filtration restraints:
Special material requirements:
Special features/modifications required:
Is corrosion resistance coating required?
Product application:
Anticipated initial purchase quantity:
Anticipated annual purchase quantity:
Additional details, comments or requirements (UL, UR, NEMA 4/4X, etc.):
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