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Enclosure Accessories

KSEHT Heaters

KSEHT Heaters - Compact high-performance fan heaters prevent formation of condensation, providing an evenly distributed interior air temperature in electrical enclosures, increasing component reliability.

These heaters feature brushed metal housings and include an auto fan control switch to prolong motor life. A pilot light indicates "Heat On" condition.


Controls - In addition to heating or cooling equipment that control enclosure environments, devices that regulate and monitor temperature and humidity are essential for maintaining proper enclosure operating climates. Temperature and moisture are controlled by Thermostats and Hygrostats, and the airflow monitor detects and signals fan malfunctions.


Heaters -These high performance fan heaters and compact enclosure heaters prevent formation of condensation and maintain minimum operating temperatures in enclosures. These accessories help to prevent failure of electronic components caused by condensation and corrosion.


Lights -These small, versatile lights were designed for use in industrial enclosures and control cabinets. Available with a variety of options, these accessories offer an essential level of security and convenience.

miscellaneous accessories

Miscellaneous -These small accessories were designed to aid in the organization of electronic cabinets and control panels.

KSDR/FIX makes the mounting of smaller DIN rail mountable components easier.

Enclosure Receptacle offers quick connections, is available with or without fuse and is DIN rail mountable.

Filter Fan & Exhaust Package
filter fan and exhaust package

Filter Fan & Exhaust Package -These indoor/outdoor filter fan and exhaust packages are used to dissipate heat harmful to sensitive electronic components.

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